Rock Creek Hills

Wednesday, July 31

On Wednesday, July 31, six summer campers set out for a half-day trail ride. We started from the Elk Ridge Lodge on the west bank of the Green River and rode up into the Rock Creek hills, part of the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Our guide was wrangler Viggo Klein. We rode north, then west from the lodge before the trail began its ascent. As we climbed, the narrow trail skirted deep canyons forested with pine. After a couple hours of mostly uphill travel we alit in a lovely grassy meadow with shade, wildflowers, and numerous large white puffball fungi. Here was respite and repast for riders and mounts alike, though the sturdy horses were barely winded by their 2000 ft. climb. We riders thought we’d seen it all, but as we traversed the meadow to the east after lunch, the entire Wind River Range opened to our appreciative view. The descent was fairly rapid, and the ride back to the lodge proved long, hot and dry. Tired, satisfied Obsidian equestrians were Pat Adams, Margaret McManigal, Madelinn Schriver, Ardemis Walsh, Kieran Walsh, and Ethel Weltman.

Ethel Weltman

Obsidians on the trail

Puffball in meadow

Wind Rivers in distance from high meadow

— photos by Kieran Walsh

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