Half Moon Lake to Fayette Lake

Saturday, July 27

On a tip from the Forest Service, four of us set out Saturday morning to explore the way to Fayette Lake, a trip not covered by our camp booklet. We first stopped by the Ranger Station in Pinedale to gather a bit of information. Then we proceeded on out past Fremont Lake (deepest in Wyoming), and down a gravel road to Halfmoon Lake. We drove first past a boat ramp, then the Halfmoon Lake Lodge, finally arriving at the end of the road, and our trailhead.

We proceeded at an easy pace up the trail as Rick identified many plants and birds for us. Midway along the lake we saw an osprey nest perched precariously on top of a snag by the water’s edge. We watched as an osprey flew from the nest and circled overhead. A young bird could be heard (crying for food?) in the nest.

At a beach at the end of the lake, we asked for directions from some people who were arriving there by boat. On these sketchy directions, we made our way through a burned-out area (only a year or two old), following faint traces of trail and rock cairns. Soon the boat-people (some of them bare-foot) passed us by — they seemed to know the way after all, though they said they had not been to Fayette Lake since the fire. We followed on, stopping for a while to visit with a young couple who were camping by a small, unnamed lake. Finally we climbed up onto a ridge. From there we could see Fayette Lake in one direction, and Halfmoon Lake in the other. We declared victory, had lunch, and returned to the car.

On the way back to camp, we stopped at the Fremont Lake Lodge. There some of the group enjoyed warm showers. We also gather more information there — places to eat on Wednesday (cook’s day off), and more hiking options. We then checked out the Pinedale Recycling Center at 126 N Bridger Ave.

Later users of this trail did not seem to like it as much as we did, probably because they lacked Rick’s expert guidance. Fayette Lake explorers were Chris Minarich, Janet Jacobsen, Wayne Deeter, and Rick Ahrens (leader).

— Wayne Deeter

Osprey nest by Halfmoon Lake

Osprey in flight

Prez Rick photographs a waterfall

One of many waterfalls on creek between Fayette and Halfmoon Lakes

Unnamed lake, Halfmoon lake in background

Fayette Lake, at last!

— photos by Wayne Deeter

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