Friday Night Campfire

3rd Annual Awards Night

At the Friday night campfire, around 60 people gathered to share special moments at camp by honoring fellow campers.

  • Best Effort on Goose Sticks: David Coombs
  • Best Volunteer Rock Packer: Ken Kodama
  • Best Card Players & “Three Sisters”: Mackenzie Kerins, Madelinn Schriver, Genevieve Bienvenue
  • Cleanest Truck in Camp (washed 3 times): Steve Johnson
  • Brought the Most Stuff: Kevin McManigal and family
  • Lloyd Plaisted Terse Trip Report: Bob Huntley with a close second to Marilyn Kerins
  • Energy Awards presented by Judy Newman to Ivan Vandeberg, Gloria Gunderson, Ann & Ed Lichtenstein, Bill & Lois Morse, Wes Prouty, Carol Brockman, Ardemis & Kieran Walsh.
  • Best Pace Setter: Josh Emmons
  • Best Van Sleeper: Josh Emmons
  • Best Weather Forecaster in the Scheme of Things: John Jacobsen
  • Most Positive Hiker: Jackie Cornell
  • Polar Bear Holdout: Peter Graham
  • Obsidian’s Best Coffee King: Richard Hughes
  • Obsidian’s Best Coffee Queen: Barbara Bruns
  • Person Who Smiles the Most While Washing Dishes: Ellen Johnson
  • Strictest Camper: BreeAnna Fallini
  • Best Director Ever: Jan Jacobsen
  • Brightest Eyes: Colleen Milliman
  • Most Responsive to Inane Whims: Kieran Walsh
  • Most Important Use for a Teaspoon: Jan Jacobsen
  • Best Spelir: Ed Lichtenstein
  • Rookie Lunch Setup: Jim & Sharon Duncan
  • Using Technology to get Lost: Lana Lindstrom. Effie Neth, and Ivan Vandeberg
  • Best Fire Maker (or You Light My Fire): Jim Whitfield
  • Best Attitude and Desserts: Leif Burton, Ass. Chef
  • Best Nonmember Dishwasher: Dawn Newsom
  • Iron Chef: Donald Burton
  • Best Hugger: Wayne Deeter
  • Honorary Jackass Award: Steve Johnson
  • Fortuitous Tip Award: Beth & Ken Kodama
  • Tony Award: Chris Grandy and Co.
  • Kvetch Award: Not awarded. NO one qualified as a complainer for this camp!
  • Loan of Long Pants award: Gloria Gunderson
  • Kindness: Colleen Milliman (from Josh Emmons)
  • Best Hot Water Server: Richard Hughes (from MacKenzie)
  • Most Improved Hiker: Krista Kerins
  • Best Hat Worn by a Lithuanian Scientist: Ed Lichtenstin (It is better to look than to feel good)

Mannies (Camp McManigal Oscar awards)

  • Best Actress: Marilyn Kerins as Obsidian Woman
  • Best Actor: Donald “Mountain Man” Burton
  • Blister Lady: Jackie Cornell
  • Doctor Heel Patcher: Keith Newsom
  • Best Story Teller: Chuck Streeper
  • Granddaughter who o Gained so Much: Mackenzie Kerins

With notes by Carol Scherer and Beth Kodama, we hope we listed all of the awards.

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