Mt. Thielsen

September 14, 2002

At Saturday’s first light, a magnificent seven embarked for a rendezvous with the defiantly looming summit pinnacle of Mt. Thielsen. Though it was sunny, and temperate, the high cirrus, and SW breeze cautioned of our limited pass into the alpine realm. While all packed the usual foul weather clothing, techno-gear was minimized. We carried but one rope, and shared seat harnesses. Helmets, cams, and other superfluous hardware were left behind. Absent the requisite seething mosquito swarms, our group moved upward with casual ease through the Pine belt, sub alpine fir, and beyond, into a world of wind, light, sculpted rock, spirit, and imagination. At 11AM we were first up at the summit block this day. An overhead pulley belay was easily rigged above the crux pitch, and our members enjoyed bottom belayed ascents, culminating with summit photo-ops, fulgurite hunting, and just hanging out. The view along the backbone of the Cascades extended from the Sisters to McLoughlin, with the waters of Crater Lake also visible from this lofty perch. Other parties arrived, but as the crux afforded several route variations, petty interpersonal confrontations over folks “playing through” were entirely unnecessary. We even offered our “belaying services” to some of those less confident fellow mountaineers. Descending just below the summit block, to a tent flat by a White Bark Pine, we memorialized our thoughts in the Club’s Thielsen Summit Book. Climb certificates were witnessed, and we partook of a 3rd (or 4th) lunch before retreating downward into our native green world. Arriving back at the cars around 5PM, we toasted our safe return with the customary bottle of iced Martinellies sparkling cider. And souvenir fulgurites were bestowed on all members of the party. Heroes all, who met a bit more of themselves this day, include Marsha Barr, Julie McGlinsky, Peggy Mathes, Wayne Deeter, Donovan Light & Jacob Shaw. Chris Miller, leader.

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