Broken Top

August 24-25, 2002

Packed up the Fall Creek Trail to the Green Lakes Basin, and up to a high meadow below the mountain’s scree field. Spent the night there; early Sunday morning (about 5:00) lots of snow and lightning. By 7:00 the storm had left to the north but sky still very cloudy. Decided to go to the saddle and make final decision on ascending the ridge. By the time we reached the ridge the sky looked much clearer, so we went for it. On summit by 10:15. I didn’t want to spend a lot of time up there so we went down to the scree field as soon as we could get on it, and went straight down, off the mountain in one hour. Broke camp and packed out to the trailhead. On the way out clouds had covered the mountain and thunder could be heard. Perfect window of opportunity. All climbers — Greg Zupansig, Dave Strutin and leader Bill Johnson — summited.

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