Mt. McLoughlin

August 10-11, 2002

The temperatures were in the 90's, hot for climbing the 3915 feet to the top of 9495 foot Mt. McLoughlin, but four Obsidians were not to be deterred. In clear weather Mt. McLoughlin overlooks half the state and a good share of Northern California. But the smoke from the huge Biscuit fire, the largest fire in Oregon history, made it hard to see anything. From the summit you could just see the peak of Mt. Shasta above the layer of thick smoke.

There was an unfortunate casualty on the climb. At the summit, as climbers were eating lunch and resting in the sun, the Summit Book with the climbing notes going back to 1979, fell into a large crack between the boulders and disappeared forever. The hole must be at least 8 feet deep, because you could not see the bottom. We felt terrible, but there was absolutely nothing we could do. It is gone.

John Pegg dropped his camera on the decent, but it was fortunately found by a Forest Service ranger and was returned to him in the mail. It included the only evidence of the climb after the summit book disappeared, a summit photo with climbers Maryanne Reiter, George Batinger, John Pegg, and leader, Deb Carver.

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