Diamond Peak

July 27, 2002

Bless your luck Ed. This is the second year in a row that everybody that signed up, showed up, and on time! Maybe it’s my dark reputation for leaving at exactly 6:05:00. A great start with perfect weather all day made this climb special. It’s possible this rosy statement may be questioned? As usual, I rambled confidently cross-country from Marie lake, and ended up on the Pacific Crest Trail! Way east of the route. No problem, a small back track and climb; the right ridge from the wrong side. Considering the number of times I have done this route, I can only say, what? (Plead nice variation) We still made the summit in 4 hrs 15 min. The rest of the climb was uneventful. A very good day with added hate for scree. On the way down I paid more attention and hit Marie Lake pin on at the east side. The group had a nice swim or wade, and got chewed by mosquitos. The beautiful cars came into view at 5:30. All summited except Rod Wood. Climbers were Morgan Koudelka, Bob Mason, Rod Wood, Jon Day, and Ed Lovegren, leader.

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