Depoe Bay Salmon Bake

September 21, 2002

We left Valley River parking lot at 8:00 a.m. and drove up Hwy. 99 and onto Hwy. 22 to Newport after stopping at Avery Park in Corvallis for our morning break. We stopped at Yaquina Bay State Park in Newport and tickets for the salmon bake were handed out. Everyone got a view of the ocean as this turned out to be a perfect day at the coast with lots of sunshine, no wind and a very smooth ocean. We arrived at Depoe Bay about 11:00 and there was lots of activity with the area at the City Park being patrolled with people on horseback and others to guide us to the salmon bake. An older lady volunteer guide got on our bus with extra tickets and a flyer with all kinds of information. Unfortunately, she had a health problem and collapsed right there on our bus. The medics were close by and took her to hospital. Tests indicated she had a low blood sugar and she recovered quickly. Thanks to our bus driver, Gary Tolle, who quickly took care of the situation.

There were lots of other groups but we got in line and were quickly served a large portion of salmon, cole slaw, garlic bread and ice cream. There was plenty of seating and some ate under cover as the sun had become quite warm. The program began with Indian dancing by Indians from nearby reservations. Later a Hawaiian group with a hula dancer entertained and got the audience involved in singing and hula dancing. There was a shuttle up to the town of Depoe Bay for those wishing to explore the shops. Everyone could watch the cooking of the salmon on alder stakes, Indian style, beside an open fire. We left at 2:00 p.m. and drove south along Hwy. 101 with magnificent ocean views. We arrived at Cape Perpetua and drove up to the viewpoint. We finished the goodies and left for home, arriving about 6:00.

Enjoying the tremendous views were: Ethel Allen, Don Baldwin, Ewart Baldwin, Louise Behnke, Mary Bridgeman, Mary Ann Cougill, Mary Lee Cheadle, Margaret Fea, Elena Gerrard, Dora Harris, Barbara Hasek, Yuan Hopkins, Rosella Jones, Ben Kirk, Verna Kocken, Helen Knowlton, Gloria Layden, Dodie Leppmann, Mary Lemons, Dorothy Lewis, Bonnie McKee, Cleora Mersdorf, Joyce Mixer, Barbara & Don Payne, June Smith, Nadine Smith, Susan Swader, Millard Thomas, Kay Ullman, Connie & Floyd Wilson and Bette Hack, leader.

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