Sweet Creek

December 1, 2001

Six veteran Obsidians braved torrential Oregon “sunshine” to make the scenic two-mile hike at Sweet Creek near Mapleton. The rain of the last week swelled the creek into a raging river with more water than any of us had ever seen. The torrents gushed over the bedrock ledges where the dainty waterfalls of summer had played. Sweet “River” Falls were spectacular with thunderous surges and boils. They alone were worth the trip, but there was more. The various trees, ferns and mosses dressed the rocky gorge in green finery. The side creeks and falls were overflowing. We took our time, enjoyed the dancing torrents, got very wet, and had a marvelous outing. The brave members were, Barbara Schomaker, Michelle Tambellini, Yuan Hopkins, Barbara Sutherland, Sig Otto, and Leader, Jim Pierce.

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