Yoran Lake

April 8, 2001

This was a fairly typical Yoran Lake spring trip. A little cool and blustery, but very rewarding. About a mile past Midnight Lake we left the PCNST and took a “short cut”, bearing 202 true, which follows a line of four lakes, which serve as landmarks to keep one from going too far astray. From the fourth we took bearing 222 true to the swampy area (Deception Lake) just northeast of Lake Yoran. From there we headed to Karen Lake just southeast of Lake Yoran with the idea of possibly continuing on to Diamond Peak timberline. There had been a bit of trail breaking, however, and we were all a bit cold and tired so we abandoned the idea of a marathon trip and cut across to the edge of Yoran Lake where we had lunch, and then headed back. With the fresh snow, the return trip had quite a bit of exhilarating skiing. On this trip were Dick Hildreth, Larry Schultz, Sue Sullivan, Pete Suttmeier, Charlie Van Deusen and John Mowat (leader).

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