Tahkenitch Dunes

February 15, 2001

Before we left I heard the words “Snow, three inches in the Coast Range”. But that would not stop us, and as it turned out there was none! When we reached the trailhead we were surprised that it had changed since I was there a few years ago. I could see the use of our Trail Fees working as we passed through the brushy area; it too had changed. I miss going across the wet lagoon area, now passing above it (“no wet feet”). More work remains to be done … out on the dunes sat a bulldozer, waiting. The weather was great, some rain, a bit of wind and once some sunshine. I wonder if the Forest Service plans to pave the walkways out to the beach, and maybe make it wheelchair accessible? Tahkenitch Dunes made a good early season hike for Jerry Brindle and Rebecca Hansen (leader).

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