Mazama Lodge (Mt. Hood)

February 7-9, 2001

This event has been called the Winter “Summer Camp”, and with good reason! When I saw the line-up of our cars at the SnoPark area used by Mazama Lodge, I was reminded that just 18 months ago I was happy when more than 15 people initially expressed an interest in this trip. Last year (the first trip) we got to 43, went with 36. This year we got to 54, went with 50. Amazing! The weather cooperated beautifully, it was neither too warm nor too cold. The first day, Wednesday, the snow was good; the second, it snowed lightly most of the day and snow conditions were great. The last day, Friday, the sun came out and the snow was perfect. With a 10 a.m. arrival time on Wednesday, most people threw their gear on the bunks and took off to downhill, cross country or snowshoe. That night, after a great dinner, everyone settled down to card games, board games, reading, pool and conversation. The second was a repeat of the first but with an unfortunate happening at the end of the day. One of our members, Tina Rain, slipped on the ice at the access road, fell and injured her ankle. She was taken to emergency in Gresham where the x-ray confirmed two breaks. The ankle was splinted, wrapped and she went back to Eugene the next day. She went in for surgery the following Monday. She will be in a cast for three weeks and a walking cast for another three. I know that everyone joins me in wishing Tina a speedy recovery. The last day was incredible. Everyone packed up their gear, stored it downstairs and left to get more skiing in. I think it was difficult for some to call it a day and head home. My thanks to the many people who helped make this a great trip. A special thanks goes to all those who assisted in the care of Tina. We really do have some incredible people in this organization. Attendees were: Gayle Berge, Jim & Melody Clarkson, Leona Devine, Steve Goins, Kitson & Peter Graham, Bev Halter, Sylvia Harvey, Mary Holbert, Yuan Hopkins, John Hudson, Jan & John Jacobsen, Steve Johnson, Sandra Larsen, Dot Leland, Ed Lichtenstein, Lana Lindstrom, Helen Liguori, Norma Lockyear, Betty Macy, Margy Malsch, Peggy Lee Mathes, Chuck Mitchell, Anne Montgomery, Beki & Bill Montgomery, Sig Otto, Bill & Margaret Prentice, Tina Rain, Chuck & Sandy Reul, Ardys Ringsdorf, Velma Shirk, Jon Tressler, Clare Tucker, Birgitte Williams, Jan Wright, Chris Christensen, Liz Conibear, Randy Harp, Ellen Johnson, Rob Kappa, Mardi Klotz, Bonnie Ledford, P.J. Neiss and Geir Smedslund. Again [a-sort-of-leader] Sharon Ritchie!

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