Peavey Arboretum

February 4, 2001

Peavey Arboretum is seldom visited by Obsidians, but it makes a good winter hike location. The terrain is gentle and the tree cover is varied. The odd experiments by OSU forestry students provide comic relief and education. This group was unstoppable. They charged up a long hill near the end of the hike in record time. We enjoyed good weather and numerous interesting conversations. Despite the many opportunities to get lost, nobody did! Participants were: Carol Armstrong. Max Brown, Jerry Brindle, Chris Cunningham, Daniele Delaby, Giselle Garrity, Rebecca Hansen, Yuan Hopkins, Sig Otto, Ruth Romoser, Barbara Schomaker, Barbara Sutherland, Nola Shurtlef, Helen Liguori and Susan Baker, leader.

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