Cone Peak

January 28, 2001

Our group of 14 snowshoe hikers climbed the Cone Peak Trail from Tombstone Pass (4240'). In this drought year, we found large portions of the trail nearly free of snow, and only a few patches of substantial snow in the clearings. We followed the route of the summer-time hiking trail with little difficulty and only a few blowdown trees to negotiate. In the high meadows below the summit, four of our party opted to return to the cars, while the rest of the group prepared to tackle the steep climb to the summit with a lunch and rehydration break. All of those who chose to continue their climb made the summit of Cone Peak (5646') despite the steep, wind-packed snow. They were happy that they had made the effort, for our view stretched from Mt. Adams to Diamond Peak with all the Cascade peaks shining under partly sunny skies. Windy conditions on top cut our visit short, and we carefully picked our way back down the steep snow and rocks to the relative shelter of the trees. Van Likes took the fast way down on fat alpine skis, making his turns look easy in the crusty, wind-packed conditions. The disappointing snowpack had several of our hikers carrying their snowshoes on the descent, since that seemed easier than slipping and sliding on the nearly bare trail. Hikers on the wonderful January day were guests Hal Hushbeck, Brian Patch, Elizabeth Potter, Karen Rayle, Jim Whitfield, Stephanie Wilson, Robert Woodson and Obsidians Dave Becker, Grace Swanson, Van Likes, Effie Neth, Michelle Tambellini, Martha Welches and leader Brian Hoyland.

Iron Mountain/Cone Peak

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