Redtop Mt

January 20, 2001

The ski travel away from Crescent Lake SnoPark initially lead our group into marginal ski conditions, including a thin icy snow crust and several areas of dense forest. This year’s unusually low snow pack means that we had to do a bit of log hopping over fallen trees that would have otherwise been covered in most winters. Within a couple of miles and a few hundred feet of elevation gain, conditions were transformed into something close to perfect though. Our bushwhacking ascent up the east side of Redtop lead through excellent fresh powder under an open snowgarbed forest. A little kick wax helped for the climb, but later we applied skins for the last part of the ascent. A high layer of clouds did nothing to block views of nearby Cascade peaks including Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Thielsen. Pleasant temperatures and a nearly windless day allowed a leisurely lunch on Redtop’s summit. The reward for our morning’s work was a wonderful ski descent down the upper east side of the mountain, winding north until we descended to Pretty Lake. Our loop next lead us to Fawn Lake and the Fawn Lake Trail which had been broken by other skiers as we had hoped. The return trail back to the SnoPark was quick and essentially effortless. Our fast group was back to the car by 4:30 p.m. Skiers were Liz Conibear, Mark Slipp, Harold Thompson and Steve Goins (leader).

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