Joe’s Peak

January 20, 2001

What started to be a dark, gloomy day as we left SEHS, but by the time we got to Joe’s Peak trailhead there was a little sun but no rain. At the trailhead we were welcomed by a blood hound wearing a radio transmitter who was running around, sniffing the air; he was lost for sure. I told him that if he stayed with us, we would see that he would get home. He was wearing a collar with his identification. We tried to call his home from the car phone, but we could not get out, we were in a hole. We started up the trail, the dog with us at that time. About half a mile up, he took off and we did not see him again. The trail was in fairly good condition, with only a few large logs and one washout we managed to negotiate. We arrived on top at about 11:00. The view from the top is great, it set in the palm of Tire, Cloverpatch, Sourgrass, Winberry and Saddleblanket Mountains; the tower on Saddleblanket can be seen. In the far distance to the north, Little Cowhorn can be seen. Upon returning back to the trailhead it was only 1:15, so we decided to stop back at Eagle’s Rest for a short hike. About the lost dog: We tried again to call his home when we got to Dexter, and this time we got an answer — he was home, and this made us feel better. This was a good winter time hike by Jerry Brindle and leader Rebecca Hansen.

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