Fuji Shelter

January 13, 2001

Our snowshoe trip to Fuji Shelter was a huge success. A very enthusiastic group of 15 met in East Springfield to begin our outing. We were greeted by 5-7 inches of new snow when we arrived at the Salt Creek Falls parking lot. The road leading to Fuji Shelter is across Hwy. 58. We trekked up the four miles with 1500 ft. elevation gain. The snow covered trees made for wonderful winter scenes. As we climbed we encountered a cloudy sky, sometime snowing and with an occasional gust of wind. They were just enough to remind us that the snow and weather conditions could not have been better. By the time the slower group caught sight of the shelter there was a spiral of smoke coming from the chimney. A special thanks to the faster group for breaking trail and for starting the fire so quickly. As we enjoyed our lunch the clouds parted to allow the sun to add warmth and beauty to the glistening, pristine snow. After enjoying the stories, more pictures, welcoming the non-members and sharing plans for more outings, we started back. The trek down went faster. We met several small groups of skiers going up. At the cars we enjoyed hot chocolate and tea. There were four non-members. Ron Helmken explored our Obsidian website and drove from Grants Pass to join us. Thomas Schmid recently moved here from Austria. Other nonmembers were Jack Feldman and soon-to-be-member Ellen Keinbach. Obsidians were Dave Becker, Max Brown, Peggy Lee Mathes, Barbara Schomaker, Effie Neth, Peter Graham, Jan True (from Corvallis), Jerry Brindle, Jim Pierce, Michelle Tambellini and trip coordinator Gerry Roe.

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