Row River Trail

January 7, 2001

What a great turnout for a winter hike! Seventeen of us trod 8½ miles of flat asphalt trail in the fog of an Oregon winter day. We admired cows and goats on homesteads along the route. One hiker shared his bird-watching knowledge. Our lunch was eaten on the bleachers in the Dorena Schoolyard. The only hazard along the route was the excessive amount of dog poop. Everyone felt fitter upon our return to the cars. Hikers were Jerry Brindle, Anne Bonine, Yuan Hopkins, Corinne Hunt, Liz DeShetler, Bob Huntley, George Jobanek, Helen Liguori, Sig Otto, Tina Rain, Ruth Romoser, Barb Sutherland, Michelle Tambellini, Sam Tracer, Eleanor Wilkerson, Jan Wright and Susan Baker (leader).

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