Midnight Lake

January 6, 2001

Three optimistic skiers left Gold Lake SnoPark and headed for Midnight Lake. The sky was blue, the air was crisp and the snow was hard as a rock. After a short discussion about going to Odell Lake and renting snowshoes instead, we decided to press on in the hope that the snow would get better. At the fork of the road we went right toward Bechtel Shelter. The snow on the side of the road was a little better, so we skied on the side and through the woods to the shelter, where we had lunch. The snow was still much too hard for us to go on to the lake, so we decided to return. We found a trail through the woods to the right of the road, and carefully navigated our way through the trees for half a mile before returning back to the road again. Skiers were Janet Hall, Diane Jeffcott and Mark Slipp (leader).

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