Heceta Head/Hobbit Trail

November 4, 2001

With high tide to occur at the time we would hit the beach and rain projected for later in the day, we reversed the direction of this hike, walking from Washburn Campground down to the beach along China Creek, down the beach to the Hobbit Trail (thereby missing the high tide problem and possibility of rain coming in earlier), up the Hobbit Trail, then on to Heceta Lighthouse for lunch, etc. Although overcast, the weather was wonderful. There was no wind! There was no rain! We were enjoying lunch at the lighthouse in our shirtsleeves watching the pounding surf! It was very beautiful. It was also a thrill to see the light in the lighthouse operational again. A word of warning to those who want to hike this trail this winter. Now that the rain is with us again, the trail going back downhill to the highway is extremely slick. Several lost their footing and landed on their backside in spite of being careful (including Yours Truly!), and several had near misses. It was a nice day and a beautiful hike. Many thanks to my very congenial group of hikers: Sharon & Jim Duncan (brand new members), Wayne Deeter, Barb Sutherland, Helen Liguori, Margaret & Bill Prentice, Steve Helwig, William Watson and Sharon Ritchie, leader. [Oh yes. We would have missed the high tide potential problem, and it never did rain!]

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