Lost Creek/ Mt. June

November 4, 2001

An energetic trio composed of trip leader Sandy Reul, her husband (and driver) Chuck, and Corvallis visitor Barbara Leinweber studied the misty skies at SEHS parking lot this Sunday morning and decided to trust the advice of the weather report, which forecast sunny skies at least until mid-afternoon. So instead of the scheduled Hardesty Mountain trip, we headed up Hwy. 58 to the Lost Creek Trail, which offers superior views. As has happened many times when we leave the Willamette Valley and ascend into more mountainous areas, the skies began to clear and two hours later we enjoyed stunning views of the Three Sisters and other peaks in warm, sunny weather atop Mt. June. And alone! No other hikers at the summit today. At 11:45 we descended and took an equally lovely spur on the Sawtooth Trail, stopping in a meadow edged with shrubs of autumn gold and enjoying the antics of dainty finches as they caroused the tree tops. Some surprises on our return: earlier in the day Barbara had wanted to collect some mushroom samples for an amateur mycologist with whom she works, so we decided to help her hunt for specimens as we descended to the parking lot. Not only did we find many chanterelles (and others that we could not identify), but we encountered two other parties of  ’shroomers. Although we had hiked this trail many times, we had never even noticed the abundance of edible fungi. We returned to the car at 2:30, descending into cold mist but satisfied with the views, the climb (and the foraging).

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