Waterfalls/Clear Lake Loop

October 7, 2001

Having done the Clear Lake Loop and the Waterfall Loop on separate occasions, I decided to combine them. One map shows it as 8.1 miles, another as 9.2 - take your pick! Nine hikers joined me for a wonderful hike on an overcast Fall day. The sun tried to break through, just didn't make it. The falls and lake were beautiful. The vine maple was a riot of color. Really wonderful against the black lava. There were many Kodak moments! After coming out from the Great Spring we saw bubbles out in the north end of the lake. The first thought was "Good lord, is the lake low enough that the springs are showing?" Second,  more rational observations: "No, it's not springs, it's scuba divers, dummy!" There was a group of about 30 divers having fun. We ate lunch at the picnic tables at the Clear Lake Lodge and then completed the loop, arriving back at the cars by 2:30. My thanks to Tina, bob and George for driving. Hikers were George, Margaret & Andy Jobanek, Marian Brod, Arlene Deyo, Jim Wood, Teresita Ladd, Tina Rain, Bob Huntley and trip leader Sharon Ritchie.

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