Triangulation Peak

September 29, 2001

Twelve people signed up for this hike, but we had four no-shows, allowing two others to fill in. Rain earlier in the week had cleared out the haze and pollution, and it was a very clear day with hardly a cloud in the sky. After a two-mile hike, we had lunch at the summit of Triangulation Peak, on the site of a lookout that stood there in earlier years. We had excellent views of the mountains from Hood to South Sister. Along with three or four friends, the leader had visited another friend who served on the lookout in 1950 or 51. That time we carried in a large water melon for part of our lunch. Our friend then led us down to Boca Cave (Boca meaning "Mouth" in Spanish.) It was tough getting to the cave at that time. The cave is now more accessible as a trail of sorts leads down to it. Arriving at the cave this time, we found a young couple in their sleeping bags, located where they had an excellent view out the entrance, which neatly frames Mt. Jefferson., with the summit almost seven miles to the east-southeast. This couple had come in the previous day. Jeff had a fresh coat of snow on the upper slopes, and was really beautiful. After some exploration and photography, we headed up the trail and hiked out to the cars for our return to Eugene. Hikers were Curtis Irish, Terri Mason, Darrel & Nancy McBee, John & Renate Tilson, Helen Liguori, Bob Mason, Lucille Peterson and Norm Benton, leader.

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