Waldo Lake/Black Meadow

September 23, 2001

The first day of Fall was beautiful in the Cascades. Even hot! There were a lot of boats and people at Waldo Lake, but we didn't see a soul on the loop we did in the southern part of the wilderness. Trail conditions were very good except for a  couple of places where it grew faint. If you have basic pathfinding skills it shouldn't be hard to find the "High Divide Trail" south of Black Meadow. Look for the surveyor's tape also. To my surprise the meadow was not dry, the creek was still running through it. A sure sign of clean air and water were the dozen or so small mud puppies swimming in the stream. There were obvious sighns of elk being present in the area. Some of us waded or swam in the lake before returning to the cars. Hikers were Sabine Dutoit, Sheila Ward, Michelle Tambellini, Joanne Whitfield, Joanne Ledet, Yuan Hopkins, Barbara Schomaker, Marilyn Waff, Bill Wynkoop, Dick Hildreth, Allen Hancock and trip leader J. Scott Hovis

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