Marjorie Meadows

September 23, 2001

This was a great trip, starting at the Park Meadow trail sign on Hwy. 16 south out of Sisters. At the trail sign, there is a small dirt road to the right; take this .3 mile where there are some open areas for parking. On the left side of the road 20 ft. up a bank is Snow Creek Ditch. We started our hike here, moving along the ditch, passing a Three Sisters Wilderness sign, and going on until arriving at a culvert with a headgate on one side. Here we saw Snow Creek for the first time. Staying to the right (or east) side of the creek, we followed the trail for another 400 ft. to a creek crossing. Here one can cross the creek and follow a very dusty horse trail or stay on the right side and go cross-country up hill. This will lead directly into the meadow. We arrived at the meadow in one-and-a-half hours. Hiking the length of it at the south end we saw the first waterfall, and further on is a second falls. At this point we ate lunch with a view over the meadow and off into north-east Oregon. In view is the point where Snow Creek comes bubbling out of the shale on a bank a few hundred feet away. At this point one of our party, feeling ill, returned to the meadow while the rest of us scrabbled over the rocks to a ridge for wonderful views of Broken Top and the Three Sisters. As we hiked around the meadow on the ridge, Fred, Tim and Jim continued up a butte for views of Rim and Tam Lakes. I returned to the meadow to connect with Dave. All agreed cross-country is the way to go. Hikers were Dave Coombs, Fred Felter, Jim Fritz, Tim Shinabarger and leader Jane Hackett.

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