Matthieu Lakes

September 15, 2001

With the loud thunderstorms the night before, we weren't sure what we would find Saturday. Woke up to gray skies and eight people were at the meeting place. On way up the McKenzie highway it started raining. Again thoughts entered if we would have views. Rain had stopped when we got to the trail head and we ended up in shirt sleeves and got to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The rain helped settle the dust on the trail that we had experienced when we scouted the hike earlier. Had a clear view of North Sister while we ate lunch next to South Matthieu Lake. On way back, stopped at Dee Wright observatory. Although we were all aware of the tragic events of the week, it was good to get out and enjoy nature. Hikers were Marilyn Waff, Sheila Ward, Michelle Tambellini, Daniele Delaby, Tom Flegal, Yuko Nekamura and Yuan Hopkins & Barbara Schomaker (co-leaders).

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