P.C.N.S.T., Section "G"

August 30-September 4, 2001

Our little group was joined by one additional hiker from Lebanon, Rod. He was recruited earlier via the "Pacific Crest Trail Communicator". Our route from Barlow Pass north to the Bridge of the Gods Trail is through some beautiful country. Our biggest challenge was to locate a camp site big enough for four people each night. Our first night we slept on rocky ground on the flank of Mt. Hood, a most lovely but windy location! Everyone in our group had chosen to travel light and so we were entertained nightly by comparing equipment and methods. Rod played his harmonica in camp and we sang along. On those nights where we had an existing fire ring campfire, Roy read aloud to us. Our last few miles took us on an alternate route down the scenic Eagle Crest Trail. Rod, Leila and Roy graciously retreated to a restaurant and allowed the leader to walk the last 2.6 miles to rejoin the P.C.T., thus completing her Oregon Pacific Crest Trail journey. Back-packers were Roy Lisi, Leila Snow and leader Susan Baker.

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