Black Crater

August 26, 2001

Four of us (Bob Huntley, Fred Felter, Michael Landes and Bill Montgomery, leader) were hanging out at the SEHS parking lot, waiting for a possible last-minute arrival of someone who had signed up. Carole Horton arrived and was looking for the Green Lakes hikers, who had apparently left an hour earlier. We managed to convince Carole that if she could hike Mt. Pisgah, she could hike Black Crater - which is really just two Mt. Pisgahs (at higher elevation, of course). Carole was a bit hesitant, but cramming into Mike's compact sedan with four guys proved irresistible (just kidding!). Once on the trail, Carole proved to be as strong a hiker as any of us and easily made it to the spectacular summit. For a relatively short climb, Black Crater has one of the best views of any mountain in the Northwest - with a particularly great view of the North Sister.

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