Hobbit Trail/Heceta Head

August 24, 2001

When it is hot in the Valley it is often foggy at the coast. This was the case for our group of six heading for the beach. We started our hike going north on the beach and then turning east into the woods, passing through Washburne State Park and into the meadow not far away. From there we took the loop deep into the woods following China Creek. This year we didn't encounter any yellow jackets as in the past. Continuing on, we passed the beaver pond, crossed the highway and continued over Heceta Head to the lighthouse for lunch. Two from our group went on the lighthouse tour. We back-tracked, after lunch, over Heceta Head and then took the Hobbit Trail to the coast. We finished our 6.5 mile walk on the beach where the cars were parked. When we left, rangers were closing the rest room due to water problems. My thanks to Barbara Schomaker, Carol Brockman, Terri Mason, Joe Scheibe and Nola Shurtleff for a fun day. J. Scott Hovis, trip leader. [I want to expecially thank Nola for donating a tent to the outdoor club I am advisor for at Cottage Gove High School. If others would like to donate tents, backpacks, etc., please contact me at nhovis@uswest.net We can write a receipt for income tax deductions, too!]

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