Lower Eddeeleo Lake

August 23, 2001

Our hike to the Lower Eddeeleo Lake was a pleasant wilderness experience. The rain must have discouraged a lot of people because we had the whole North Waldo Lake Wilderness to ourselves. It threatened to rain on us but never did. Conditions made for a nice walk. We saw some grouse and worked hard not to step on the hundreds of baby roads hopping about. The paved road on Salmon Creek Road has some major cracks in it. A lot of work will need to be done a couple of years down the line. The gravel road, in contrast, seemed in great shape; it must have been graded recently because there appeared to be no "wash-board". Hikers were Lily Serrano, Peter Dolan, Yuan Hopkins, Barbara Schomaker, Marilyn Waff, Helen Liguori, Sheila Ward, Yuko Nakamma and leader J. Scott Hovis.

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