The Twins

August 18, 2001

On this beautiful Saturday morning we headed up Hwy. 58 with our first stop at the new Oakridge Ranger Station. Everyone should stop here, even if it is just to use the rest rooms (there are no rest rooms on this trail). After our stop, we first noticed some mist on the windshield and then rain, enough to use the windshield wipers - what a shock! however, it only lasted a short time and we had blue sky with white clouds. The most stressful moment for me was on the road into Waldo when this deer jumped out of the woods and landed by my left front fender, and then was gone - no contact was made between car and deer! Don't ask me how. We were so lucky! All the hikers made it to the top of North Twin. Then Max led some of the group to the summit of South Twin. Such a good group; everyone said they had a good time. I couldn't believe the number of people on this trial. In the past, maybe you would see just one or two! Hikers were Patty MacAfee, Ellen Johnson, Max Brown, Cork & Carolyn Higgins, Dan Christensen, Helen Martz, Peter Rodda, Yuko Nakamura, Mavis Mate, Julie Conlon, Angela Robertson and Ardys Ringsdorf, leader.

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