Linton Lake

August 15, 2001

This was an easy, leisurely hike, suitable for a hot summer day. The trip filled up quickly and we had our twelve, the limit for a wilderness hike. The trail winds through some nice old growth with a lush understory of rhododendrons and huckleberry. There were no flowers blooming this late in the season but it must be beautiful in the spring. We continued around the far end of the lake to where the creek comes crashing down the mountain. This part of the trail is strewn with downed trees making the going difficult, so some of our group chose to stay behind while the rest of us explored. The lake is quite low in spite of a good head of water flowing in off the mountain. It appears to be a popular fishing spot. After lunch at the lake, we headed out and were back to the cars before three o'clock. And yes, there is a falls! From one point on the trail you can see it and from a mile and a half or more you can hear it roar. It's high on the mountain, though, and we didn't climb up. Maybe next time! Hikers were Jim Fritz, Karen Jenkins, Ellen Johnson, Dot Leland, Bonnie Manheim, Lucille Peterson, Ruth Romoser, Velma Shirk, Nola Shurtleff, Marilyn Waff, Gloria Youngbauer and trip leader Leona Devine.

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