Four-In-One Cone

August 12, 2001

This Four-in-One Cone trip had three on the wait list who were able to be accommodated at the last minute, as well as picking up a hiker (and driver) looking for an Audubon trip, but deciding to join us when their plans changed. Confusing? Yes, that's why it's good to arrive a little earlier than the posted departure time. But what a great group we had! Four Obsidians making the trip for the first time, as well as five non-members, four working on joining the club. This hike continually climbs, and after four miles gets steeper and more in the open as we near the cinder barren view of the Sisters, and our lunch spot. The day had turned out much hotter than anticipated. So while most of us rested and enjoyed the view with our lunches, three of our group opted to stay below in the shade of trees for their lunch spot. Word was that one of them over-heated, but actually they just wanted to look for mushrooms! Yes, mushrooms in the heat of August - boletus to boot. The Sisters were as bare as we've ever seen them, but were just as impressive as ever. After lunch we climbed Four-In-One Cone for a beautiful view of the High Cascades. The haze obliterated Mt. Hood, but we could still make out Jefferson, Washington, Three Fingered Jack and Broken Top. Somehow, standing up on that ridge line of black and red cinders, looking out over 6,000-year-old lava becoming forested with the greenest of green trees puts everyone in an expansive mood. We were: Lucia Aldana, Max Brown, Jean Butler, Dan Christensen, Benton Elliott, Yuan Hopkins, Tanya Kutterer, Eric Miller, Sig Otto, Stephen Velalem, Joanne Whitfield and Clare Tucker, leader.

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