Canyon Creek Meadows

August 11, 2001

Clear and warming as leave SEHS lot at 8:10. Leader and 11 hikers (including four visiting from Japan). On the way stop at McKenzie Ranger Station for permit for our Japanese visitors’ car. Summit at Santiam Pass clear and sunny — should be hot day. Off the highway onto FS-12 and then rutted gravel road up to Jack Lake. Very warm — all drink water and leader does registration. Hike out and around Jack Lake which very low, about half what was expected. Up and down to top ridge and down into beginning of the meadows. About week to ten days past prime, but even with the extreme dryness lots of lupine and scattered red paintbrush. There is water in Canyon Creek, but very low. Temperature rising, mid 80s for sure. Three Fingered Jack showed itself from time to time and as went higher, there it was, though only modest high snow fields. Stopped for lunch along the creek and in shade. A few napped. Then on up the trail to the rim of the upper meadow — so hot, no takers or going to he moraine viewpoint, so retraced our steps. Our Japanese guests took lots of photos in upper meadow rim. As we entered the lower meadow, took the left trail for a complete loop. Even with extremely low water, the upper region of beaver ponds was lush and green — more bog than pond. Observed the beaver-felled trees, 6-7 ft. off ground. The two waterfalls added their music as we passed, although only about half usual flow. Then the long walk up the ridge and back to Jack Lake. We all stopped and rested there for a while, looking at lake and Three Fingered Jack — even low, Jack Lake provided a mysterious “therapy” of water — whether stream, river or lake. Then all back to Eugene, arriving about 5:00 p.m. Hikers were Daniele Delaby, Michelle Tambellini, Ami & Hiroki Tsukamoto, Matsuko Imaoka, Shuko Nakamura, Karen & Lucy Rayle, Ron Vincent, Marilyn Waff and leader Mark Perrin.

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