Rosary Lakes

July 15, 2001

Six hikers drove up to Rosary Lakes in two cars on a pleasantly war Sunday in July. Fragrant pine scent surrounded us as we walked along a well-traveled lined with remnants of wildflowers. We stopped and admired all three lakes that nestle close together on this portion of the Pacific Crest Trail near Maiden Peak. Surprisingly, we met few other hikers on the trail. An interesting exception was a college student who chatted with us during our leisurely lunch at North Rosary Lake. She had begun her hike near Ashland and was en route to the Columbia Gorge. She reported that she was faithfully journaling and completing homework assignments to fulfill requirements for a summer environmental studies course that required close observation of flora and fauna. After a leisurely hike back down the trail, we visited Salt Creek Falls to extend our outing just a little longer. The spray from the falls cooled and refreshed us as we stood on the observation deck. First-time leader Chris Cunningham led the seven-mile hike, and veteran hikers Yuan Hopkins, Corinne Hunt, Helen Liguori, Barbara Schomaker and Marilyn Waff joined her.

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