Mary's Peak

July 14, 2001

Perfect weather plus a very congenial group of hikers made for a pleasant day in the Coast Range. Mary's Peak, at 4097 ft., is the highest mountain in the Coast Range north of the Coquille River. On a clear day the beach and snow-capped peaks, from Mt. Hood to the Sisters, are visible. Interesting plants along the switchback trail, which gains 2000 ft. elevation from the trailhead, include Bear grass, Indian pipe, coral root, Noble fir, Hemlock, Cedar, ferns and Lycopodophyta, or club mosses. During the Carboniferous period, lycopods formed a large part of the forests. The giant tree forms were lepidodendrons and sigillarians. The forms today are small, resembling ground pines. The lycopods were important in the formation of coals. Enjoying this nine-mile hike were Max Brown, Polly Field, Patty MacAfee, Carol & Mike Morrison, Effie Neth, Sig Otto, Dan Christensen, Lily Serrano, Nancy Sharrard, Rebecca Solomon, Sheila Ward, Joanne Whitfield and Sylvia Harvey, leader.

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