Iron Mountain/Cone Peak

July 7, 2001

Another sterling day on Iron Mountain and Cone Peak. The flowers were not as spectacular as last year, but given the lack of snow and rain, there were enough to make it a most enjoyable day. Amazingly, the top of Iron Mt. was almost empty (until we got there!). The views were wonderful. We could see from what we thought was Mt. Adams to the north to Diamond Peak to the south. My very sincere thanks to Max for taking point, Helen for being sweep and to the lovely people (Greg, Joanne, Helen and Sandra) who "volunteered" to drive. Hikers were Chris Christensen, Julie Conlon, Colleen & Greg Milliman, Sharon Thomas, Lois Weinfeld, Max Brown, Wayne Deeter, Sandra Larsen, Joanne Ledet, Helen Liguori, Patty MacAfee, Effie Neth, Lucille Peterson, Gerry Roe, Sheila Ward, and as usual, leading somewhat in the middle of the pack, Sharon Ritchie.

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Iron Mountain/Cone Peak

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