Fall Creek

June 24, 2001

The group was all present at 10 a.m. on an overcast Sunday morning. After introductions, car pooling decisions were made. Three cars headed to the Dolly Varden parking area at Fall Creek, near Lowell. The hike began at 11 without incident. The trail is in good condition, with downed trees recently removed from the trail. Bleeding hearts, a variety of ferns, oxalis lined the path among varying sizes of hemlock, Douglas firs and cedars. We were treated to tiger lilies in bloom and appreciated this threatened flower wholeheartedly. The water was beautiful and various group members made mental notes of swimming holes for a warmer day. The sky remained grey, and we were occasionally drizzled on. The canopy overhead absorbed much of the mist for us. We took a snack break on a sandy beach, and had a full lunch break at Slick Creek Cave at the 5-mile mark. We were headed back after half-an-hour of snack swapping, cave exploring and conversation. Hikers maintained the morning tradition of taking turns leading the group back to the parking lot. The group was, again, at the trailhead at 5:45 pm. An enjoyable hike. Wonderful conversation and information sharing between Marilyn Waff, Susan Baker, Jill Schwab, Jane Bartell, David Pappel, Pete Halko and trip leader Sierra Demo.

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