Row River Trail

June 17, 2001

Five hikers had a wonderful stroll/hike along the Row River Trail. We left the car at Mosby Creek trailhead, and strolled and watched boaters try to fish. We enjoyed views of Dorena Lake, observed intact but dead shrewmice on the trail and greeted people, cows, horses and one dog. We hiked to Harms Park for lunch (about five miles one way). The hikers' bridge was closed for repairs at Rat Creek Road so we walked a short distance along the road. We started hiking at 9 a.m. and returned to the cars around 2 p.m.; afterwards we went to the "Pink House" (Cottage Grove) for a soda or coffee. We enjoyed this great early summer hike (weather was cool, then sunny) and enjoyed returning to Eugene early in the afternoon. Hikers were Jim Fritz, Virginia Prouty, Mary Goldsmith, Jim Clarkson and leader Ruth Romoser.

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