Black Creek Trail

June 13, 2001

Our trip to Black Creek Trail started out with dark clouds overhead. Sadly, I had turned down a few folk who wanted to go because the list was full. Two people canceled at the last minute and two didn't show. As we drove up towards Oakridge it started raining; however, when we arrived at the trailhead the sun came out and the weather was delightful for hiking. The forest smelled so fresh and clean. Not far into the trail we came across our first obstacle - a huge tree that had fallen. Normally one might straddle across it, but we ended up wiggling our way underneath because it was so wet. After conquering that, we proceeded into a beautiful old growth forest with blossoming rhododendrons everywhere. One of our hikers, Nancy Sharrard, was especially helpful in identifying other plants in the woods. We hiked into Lillian (Lithan Falls) and continued climbing 2200 ft. to the shore of Klovdahl Bay. This was a beautiful resting spot for lunch with a view of Waldo Lake, the Twins and some other peaks in the distance. Hikers were Sherrill Kirchhoff, Shelley & Tom Turner, Yuan Hopkins, Nancy Green, Nancy Sharrard and leader Cindy FitzGerald.

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