McKenzie River Trail

June 9, 2001

It was a bit more than an amble but definitely a relaxed hike to Tamolitch Pool. The day invited the following comments from congenial, interesting hikers — * Nice to have people enjoy the flowers; * Variety of attractions: trees, lava, colorful pool, flowers, birds, river; * Met friendly, interesting people on the trip; * Encountered a dozen courteous mountain bike riders; * Nice to have time to enjoy lunch and the view. With our flower expert, Margaret, along we were able to see and identify a number of plants: woodland star, false Solomon, thimbleberry, trillium, rhododendron, monkey flower, twin flower, anemone, upside-down flower, vanilla leaf, tiger lily, etc. enjoying the day were Lucile Adamson, Jon Tesdell, Anna Raphaelidis, Margaret Wiese and leaders Maude Caldwell & Bill Loy.

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