Jones Trail

June 9, 2001

The morning was very cloudy, cool and breezy as four of us met to car pool up Fall Creek. The trailhead is within the Bedrock C.G. It follows the Fall Creek Trail for a short piece before veering off to the left. The group hiked steadily through majestic forest of scattered old growth, clumps of fern, rhodys and salal. The clouds continued to drop a fine mist on the forest, which mostly protected us with the thick, high canopy. The trail was fairly good with only a few, large downed trees. As we hiked the trail continued upward through a series of switchbacks and onto the next ridge. In some places it was very steep and then dropped to climb again. In two places the trail became very rocky, narrow and an exposed area. A grouse flew up from her nest and tried to lead us away. We stopped in the trees for lunch then made our way to the open, rocky outcropping of a meadow. Here we could see the fog and mist wafting in and out, allowing us a view of the hills to the south-east. We retraced our steps under a lighter and drier sky, and stopped to watch a nut hatch flit about a downed tree. Enjoying the hike in spite of the heavy mist and wet under-story were first-time hiker Sharon Thomas, soon-to-be-Member Patty MacAfee, Max Vollmer and leader Gerry Roe.

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