Spencer Butte

June 5, 2001

It was raining when we met at the parking lot at 8:30 a.m. Two people canceled because of rain, which left ten of us to hike from the trailhead at the end of Spring Blvd. up to Baldy. It was disappointing that there were no views from Baldy. Those of us who had been there before gave glowing descriptions of what it would have been like on a sunny day. Max told us about riding his motorcycle up to Baldy from the north side 40 years ago. We continued along Dillard Rd. and then through the forest on a well-maintained trail to Fox Hollow. At Fox Hollow, two people had other commitments, and with big smiles took off in a prearranged car. That left eight of us to hike up to Spencer Butte where we ate lunch. It stopped raining but the views were still limited. All of us appreciate the work that is done on the trails. We hiked back the way we came, taking a short cut so that we didn't have to climb back over Baldy. It was very slippery with the recent rain. Although very wet, it was a pleasant trip. It is amazing to be able to hike in such solitude so close to the city. Hikers were June Beckwith, Max Brown, Karen Jenkins, Yuan Hopkins, Helen Liguori, Sharon Ritchie, Sheila Ward, Ruth Romoser, Virginia Prouty and Janet Jacobsen, leader.

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