Old Baldy (Coburg Hills)

June 2, 2001

For me this was one of the best Obsidian hikes I have led. Everybody that signed up, showed up, and everybody that showed up made it to the top of “Baldy”. Despite the off-and-on showers, the group was always positive and upbeat. We started by exploring the “East Caves”, which has many rock climbing routes, and visited the “Cave” which goes back about 30 feet into the hillside. Then continued on up the “Kirk Memorial Trail” to the overlook which gives wonderful views of the McKenzie River Valley and Springfield. After a short rest we wandered up through forest and meadow toward the summit. Had just enough time on top for a short lunch break before a dark cloud with rain was reminding us: this is Oregon! Headed down by a different route than the one we came up. About half the hike was cross country and the rest was improved cow trails, past the “Whale” (which Obsidian Rock Climbing Schools once used for practice), and continued on down to the cars. It was here that I learned the Bep Fontana was 87 years young. Bep, I was very impressed by your effort and stamina. The next time, the sun will shine on the summit. Hikers were: Jerry Brindle, Bep Fontana, Maggie Gontrum, Bob Huntley, Jan Jacobsen, Joanne Ledet, Helen Liguori, Virginia Prouty, Susan Baker, Anne Bonine, Lori Brown, Bob Foster, Paul Jasheway, Amanda Smith and leader Gary Kirk.

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