Ridgeline Trail

May 29, 2001

We met at the Rite-Aid parking lot at 29th Ave. and Portland St. across from the Sunrise Asian Foods Store to take the #22C Crest Drive bus to Blanton Road. We walked half-a-mile up Blanton to the trail head, 1.8 miles on the trail and then .8 mile down Willamette St. to catch the #23 Fox Hollow bus back to the meeting place. The weather was perfect for hiking, being sunny and about 65° F. There was only one muddy spot. We heard wrens, crows and other birds. We saw tiger lilies getting ready to bloom, candy flower, miner’s lettuce, inside-out flower, larkspur, lupin, lemon balm, camas, columbine, strawberry, Willamette Valley sidalcea, and — of course — poison oak. Hikers were Velma Shirk and Nola Shurtleff, leader.

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