Mt. Pisgah/Buford Park

May 13, 2001

A small but congenial group met at a very early hour to circumambulate Mt. Pisgah. They set off in the spirit-wise direction and journeyed through some splendid microhabitats. Numerous, vociferous neotropical migrants were encountered and identified as well as an assortment of herbaceous and woody flora. Even the odd lepidopthermic was spotted in erratic flight. The intrepid travelers also happened upon a poikilothermic, rodentiphile relaxing upon the path and tempting the group to linger and ponder their Edenic surroundings. The atmospheric conditions were ideal and the usually muddy, May trails had achieved their optimum consistency just in time for the hikers’ peregrinations. The estimated time of transmigration was exceeded but according to all available data, a good time was had by all. Buford questers were Ed Lichtenstein, Bob Huntley, Jan Jacobsen, Marriner Orum and leader-guide-dude Rick Ahrens.

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