Rooster Rock

May 6, 2001

On a warm, sunny day we started with a pleasant drive north through the Mohawk Valley. By 0945 we were on the trail climbing gradually through a conifer forest amid salal, vine maple and rhododendrons. Numerous calypso orchids and trilliums were noted. As we climbed higher the trail seemed to get progressively steeper and the switchbacks more frequent until finally we broke out onto the pleasant rocky viewpoint. We settled on the rock to relax and eat lunch in the sunshine. It was noted that the views of Rabbit Ears and other sights are becoming more obscured each year as the trees surrounding the viewpoint grow ever taller. There was some discussion about whether the Forest Service should use some of our tax dollars to cut some of the offending trees to improve the view. After a quick hike downhill we returned to town by the same route. Hikers were Brendan Corbett, Max Brown, Jane Hackett, Janet & John Jacobsen, Effie Neth, Mel Zavodsky and Dan Bates, leader.

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