Sweet Creek Falls

May 6, 2001

It was a clear, crisp sunshine day and a comfortable drive to the Gingerbread Village and Mapleton where we turned left (west) to Sweet Creek. We were greeted at Sweet Creek's many falls by their happy and showy bubbles and spray. George Jobanek and his son Andy pointed out many resident birds, including dippers and winter wrens and tuned our ears to their bird calls. Wildflowers seen easily from the pleasant hiking trail were fairy bells, bleeding hearts, and monkey flowers to list only a few that we could identify easily. Of course, our photos were excellent when they were developed and returned. Our lunch spot was below one of the larger and more impressive falls and after our very comfortable hike some hikers drove on to explore other falls and Coast Range gems. Hikers were Barb Sutherland, George & Andy Jobanek, Carol Houde, Lucille Adamson, Nancy Sharrard, Margaret Hadaway and Bob Moffitt, leader.

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