April 28, 2001

This hike was scheduled to begin at a -1.0 tide, and despite predicted wind-gusts up to 50 m/h and hail as we waited for the Eugene group to arrive, we had a beautiful, easy hike with the wind at our backs and sunny skies; with the magnificent ocean with its marry colors and endless waves. George Jobanek and son Andy found an exotic bird (dead) related to the Albatross and were great at identifying birds for us. The streams were easy to cross this year with our lack of water. The group seemed to enjoy the 4 o'clock tea (chocolate, actually) at my house as much as I enjoyed the group. Coast hikers were Earl Gosnell, Gisele Garrity, Mary Beth Bouts, Barb Sutherland, Margee Wright, Yuan Hopkins, Michelle Tambellini, Danielle Delaby, Evelyn Nagy, Mari Baldwin, George & Andy Jobanek and leader Birgitte Williams.

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