Sawtooth Rock

April 14, 2001

Always have a Plan “A” and a Plan “B”; it's better that way! I had called Lowell Ranger Station to find out how the roads were going up to Saddle Mountain. The Ranger said that no one had driven up Rd. 1910, but he thought it would be OK, since there had not been too much snow. As usual, we left SEHS, heading for Oakridge. When we turned on Rd. 1910 we could see that it had been newly graded. This was good news, but by the time we got to M.P. 6 we hit snow. Not long after that we hit enough snow that we had to park the Suburban and start to hike. We took turns breaking trail, but it soon became obvious that we would not have the time, too far to go, and above all else the snow just kept getting deeper. This would have been perfect if only we had had snow shoes. After about a mile we turned back and went for “Plan B”. I had not ever hiked the Lost Creek Trail before . It was 12:15 and after a bit of lunch we took off up the trail; a perfect day and the trail was in beautiful condition. But we were not done with the snow. It wasn't long until we were in the snow, up to six inches and more in places; gaiters were called for. There is one thing about this trail: it starts about 3000 ft., cutting down the amount of hiking time it takes to get to Sawtooth Rock. There was no rain, but we could get wet from snow melting off the trees. By the time we reached Sawtooth Rock there was quite a bit of snow, but we did not climb up because the snow was too soft and we could break through, hitting the soft ground below. After a brief stay, we were on our way back. We had company on our day in the snow; others that could not wait to hike in the mountains, none wearing snow shoes. We were back at the Suburban by 3:45. This turned out to be a wonderful hike, with members who enjoyed the snow, weather and each others' company. Like I said, if only we had had snow shoes! Hikers were Jerry Brindle, Giselle Garrity, Effie Neth and Rebecca Hansen (leader).

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